Our Intentions

The intention of EHZ is to create the purchasing of foodstuffs easier for Muslims.

Muslims cannot consume a lot of products for religious reasons, because these products are not complying with halal regulations.  Generally, this results in a deliberate decision not to consume the product – or at least to a sense of uncertainty or mistrust when purchasing.

Food additives or adjuvants, which are forbidden for Muslims, are to meet everywhere, even where they are not likely awaited at first.

• Pork Gelatine in clarified fruit juices

• Coated spices with pork gelatine


To turn around every time the product / article and read the very small held texts of the ingredients lists to decipher and to check the list after Haram ingredients, is a very tedious and time consuming process.


There are e-numbers/ingredients, which can be plant origin, but also animal origin, depending on the food producers.


So is a list of E-numbers not a big help!


Another problem is that for some years a lot of halal vendors are shooting like mushrooms from the earth and the Muslim consumers are spoiled for choice among many alleged halal products.


But how "halal" and "credible"are the halal products, that are declared as such, really?


Common practice in the industry, for example in Germany, Netherland or France is to create an own halal logo and to print it onto the product labes.


In today's competitive pressures, the halal controls are coming to short and the halal promise has no value.


But this makes the Muslim consumers insecure in addition.


Our solution is the declaration of controlled Halal Products with EHZ Halal logo.


and purchasing everywhere, without to read the ingredients list. Also in German chain of supermarkets.

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